Apertura de Embajada, Tratado de Amistad, Colaboración, Reconocimiento Mutuo y Establecimiento de Relaciones Diplomáticas con el «GRAN DUCADO DE PIKELAND»

Central City, Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris, September 06, 2020

There appear in this act, legally authorized authorities and with full representation of the signing Micronations: on the one hand, His Royal Highness John, Grand Duke of Grand Duchy of Pikeland, (herein after «Pikeland») and on the other hand, His Majesty Germán I, King of the Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris (hereinafter «Amestris»). Summoned for this purpose, in absolute freedom, and as proof of the desire for reciprocal good, both parties formally agree to the following points of the Present Treaty:

Article 1.- 

The Grand Duchy of Pikeland, and the Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris, mutually recognize each other as legal Micronations of Independent, Freedom and Sovereign existence.

Article 2.-

That both Micronations, within the Micronational sphere and outside it, recognize and respect their symbols, territories and sovereignties, as well as the legitimacy of their institutions, their authorities, their National Constitutions and the rest of the existing legal system, understanding that these have arising from valid and legal processes. Attentive to this, they undertake not to intervene in their respective internal affairs and neither in the decisions taken by their institutions or representatives. Also, Pikeland and Amestris will not be forced at any time or circumstance to ideologically identify with each other, without implying or generating any damage to the bilateral relationship.

Article 3.- 

Both micronations express their willingness to continue their diplomatic contacts and to continue advancing in relations of friendship and mutual collaboration as a means of development and strengthening of their citizens and institutions and, therefore, of the entire Micronational field in general, maintaining for this a permanent communication channel.

Article 4.- 

Both Micronations, once this treaty has been ratified and as a sign of goodwill, must open, within a maximum period of ONE (01) week, embassies in their respective headquarters, using the Official Web Pages intended for this purpose. In such place, they must leave reflected: a) The full name of the signing Micronation, b) the Flag and / or emblem of the same, c) A Link to its Official page and d) a link to this treaty that must be available to any micronation or person who wanted to observe it. Each signer may appoint an ambassador or plenipotentiary representative for the purpose of officiating as a direct link between the two.

Article 5.-

Both Micronations are committed to the mutual defense of Integrity, Sovereignty, Independence and their National Reality, against any aggression from another Nation, Micronation, association, or individual.

Article 6.-

Pikeland and Amestris, are free to establish Friendship, Collaboration or Mutual Recognition Alliances and Treaties, among others, with any Nation or Micronation they wish. Likewise, they may also join Supramicronacional, Intermicronational or other entities, without this binding the other party or implying or causing any damage to the bilateral relationship.


The signatories undertake to resolve their conflicts and differences in dialogue and through diplomatic channels. If a conflict were to occur between Pikeland and Amestris and it could not have been resolved through diplomatic channels within a reasonable time – at the discretion of each party – they may request the mediation of a committee of at least FIVE (05) Members, all of them representatives authorized from different Nations or Micronations of recognized trajectory and / or prestige. Said members must be elected by consensus. If there is not, one person will be chosen by consensus and He/She will choose at least four others from among such notables. If the election cannot be reached even by mutual consensus to choose a notable diplomat, then each party must make a list of their candidates for mediator with at least FIVE (05) mediators each and they will be drawn in equal parts with a program of simulation of chance to form such a committee. If the committee does not reach a unanimous decision (greater than 66%) towards a position, the resolution of the conflict will be resolve through the same simulation system. The decision reached in any of these phases will be conclusive and cannot be appealed. Both parties must comply with the resolution issued.


Pikeland and Amestris mutually recognize the dual nationality of their citizens. In this way, the full-fledged Citizens of each of the micronations may voluntarily request citizenship in the other without losing or having to renounce their nationality in the micronation of origin. They are also authorized to carry out any other civil procedure, for example: Purchase and sale of goods or services, Marriage, Divorce, etc. They will also be able to carry out all legally authorized documentation.

Article 9.-

Both Micronations are committed to respecting freedom of worship and coexisting peacefully with the faith of the other Micronation as well as that of its citizens and inhabitants in particular.


If there is demonstrated inactivity without prior notice by one of the signing micronations for a period greater than 6 months, this Treaty may be annulled. Having previously carried out the following formalities: a) Send a communication through the Official channel and wait a week for an answer; b) If no reply is received, it must be insisted again by that means and at least one other means of communication. c) If within ONE (01) month after the first attempt at point “b”, even so there is no response, The micronation will write a public and official notice and TEN (10) days after publication of the inactivity of the other party, the treaty will be dissolved. Amen of this, the treaty can stand, the diplomatic rupture will be not a mandatory.

Article 11.-

That this Treaty may be denounced by either of the two signatories, when the latter considers that the other party has breached its content. Must seek mediators who support the truth of these statements, consistent with the procedures described in Article 7 of this legal body.

Having concluded the enunciation of the conditions of the Treaty, it is a pleasure and an honor for both Governments to announce to our respective Peoples and to the International and Intermicronational Community in general, the establishment of Diplomatic Relations, freely and on an equal footing between the Grand Duchy of Pikeland and the Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris, and for the record, this Treaty is initialed on the date of signature.

Signed on the 29th day of September of the year two thousand and twenty.

For the Grand Duchy of Pikeland: H.R.H. Grand Duke John

For the Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris: H.M. King Germán I

Germán I de Amestris

Germán de Amestris Jefe de estado del Reino Iluminado de Amestris.